New and revised edition!
This course, the result of 12 years of intensive research, instructs astrologers in the long missing constellational roots of astrological signs, & the power and energies of individual stars, and their updated interpretations. The Course//Encyclopaedia covers ancient Near Eastern, Chinese, and Hindu sources as well as surviving Greek & Roman astrological classics: Aratus, Manilius, & Ptolemy, containing surprising and practical, useful interpretations.  Tropical degrees are used throughout. 

In addition, the newest available material has been added about black holes, supernova remnants, and other energy sources discovered only recently.  

By the end of the course, students will have a complete familiarity with the constellations and their component stars, and their use in personal and mundane chart analysis.  In addition, they will own what amounts to a 1,200 page Encyclopaedia of more than 2,100 Fixed Stars, Constellations and Deep Space Objects (including Latitude, Declination, RA, Magnitude and Spectral Class of Each)!  

A good basic knowledge of astrology is helpful, though not absolutely necessary.  The course (12 Lessons) is academically structured; students are expected to work neatly and legibly and show full understanding of the material; each lesson must be completed before next is sent. Students may purchase their own books or, if requested, they will be supplied for a fee. Sky maps & charts are provided with lessons. 

As each segment is worked on, the student keeps a workbook describing atributes of the ancient constellations and their major stars according to the source texts, so that at the end of the course he/she has a useful catalogue for personal use and research. By Lesson 6 a copy of this workbook should be mailed to me for my perusal.  Basic cost of course is $499, payable in advance & non-refundable. Outside the US, an additional fee will be charged to cover air mail postage. 

A diploma will be awarded to those who have completed the course and written an essay of not less than five single-spaced pages, suitable for publication, on fixed stars and constellations, demonstrating sufficient knowledge to teach the subject. 

For those unable to take the course, the Course materials and Encyclopaedia are available on diskettes or as hardcopy (print- out).   The cost is $499 (plus printing & shipping). 
Books Required:  
Fixed Stars & Their Interpretation  - Ebertin-Hoffman 
The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology - V E Robson 
New Fixed Star Workbook - D K Rosenberg    
Star Names, Their Lore & Meaning - R H Allen 
Loeb Library Editions of: 
Aratus: Phaenomena 
Manilius: Astronomica    
Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos 

Copyright 1998 Diana K Rosenberg 


Author and lecturer Diana K. Rosenberg has been acclaimed as the world’s foremost authority on Fixed Stars. A founding member and Vice-President of The Uranian Society, she has written articles for the Mountain Astrologer, NCGR Journal, Geocosmic News, The Traditional Astrologer, Astrology Quarterly, Ingress, Heliogram, Urania, Dell Horoscope & American Astrology magazines. She is the author of The New Fixed Star Workbook, Nakshatras, Manzils and Hsiu: Hindu, Arabic and Chinese Lunar Mansions Research Workbook, A Correspondence Course in Fixed Stars and Constellations, and a new Fixed Star Report Writer for professional and personal use. Llewellyn's The Astrology of the Macrocosm includes her chapter on earthquake prediction, NCGR's Essentials of Intermediate Astrology contains her essay on Fixed Stars.

For information concerning her   
Encyclopaedia/Correspondence Course in Fixed Stars and Constellations   
Email or snail mail her: Diana K. Rosenberg 100 La Salle St, Apt.  6A New York, NY 10027  

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